Zammit v. Quick, 2005.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How convenient...

A quick trip to the CRNC website....then to its 'forum' section, and now it is suddenly (quite conveniently, if I might add...) "under construction".

It's been awhile.......

Yes, has been awhile. Yes, Tina Quick won the MN election for chair. However, it was not without some secret meetings between Tina and members of Tony's staff. There were several rounds of 'talks'. Tony would agree to concede the race if 1.) Tina adopted much of his platform, 2.) At MINIMUM, 2 MNCR delegates would go to Michael Davidson at the CRNC national convention in June, and 3.) Tina had to give the members of Tony's ticket places on her team.

Well....Tina agreed to all of the above. However, her team did not know about any of these 'meetings'. When they found out, they were furious. Especially about the fact that she agreed to 2 delegates for Davidson, when, under Grassel's admin, all 8 delegates were to go to Paul Gourley.

However.... in less than 24 hours after the everything was done and over with, the deal was retracted......Naturally! However, I do not blame Tina for this. She is the newcomer. I blame her team. As former Grassel minions, they showed their true colors and retaliated.

....We'll see what happens with delegates. But I wouldn't be so sure anymore about Tina's willingness to listen to Hoplin, Grassel and Co. Now that she really does hold the reins, I don't think she'll be too much of a lemming anymore. I think she'll actually think for herself--Good for her.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Contact Information

Send emails and inquiries to

Friday, March 25, 2005

'Team Quick' listserv: faulty....or discriminatory?

Hmm. I have come to a realization....

After signing up for the "Team Quick" listserv several days ago, I have yet to receive any emails from them! Go figure--considering that in that amount of time, there have been two endorsements: Terry Pearson from SWSU, and Tracy Williams, MCR Co-Chair...nothing too unexpected or out of the ordinary.

One has to wonder if Team Quick is screening who is allowed to be on their listserv.

I have one question for Team Quick:

I thought you were trying to get the support of College Republicans everywhere in Minnesota. If so, why do you feel the need to withhold information from people who are neutral or opposed to you?

Team Quick, for a team so boastful of how they wish to improve relations between CR's and the State Board, this act is shameful, disgraceful and an outright LIE.

Stop lying to us, Tina & Co.

Your discrimination tactics are cowardly and unprofessional.

Now watch....I'll probably get something from them soon now. Just trying to right a wrong here!

Had a good laugh today....

The supposedly objective 'MNCR Fact Check' blog removed its comments section today....afraid of the truth or what?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Endorsement Update

Today, Tina Quick was endorsed by the Southwest Minnesota State University (Marshall) chair, Terry Pearson.

Team Quick Finally Lauches A Website

.....And she decides to come out of hiding! ...Only, not in style.

Tina Quick
and her lemmings have finally launched a website. Visit it here.

Team Quick's platform/vision is here.

I've never seen such a pathetic website in my entire life! Here's what's wrong with it:

1. It is unappealing to the eye. It is two-toned, but OH-SO-MONOTONOUS at the same time.

2. There's too much BS on the homepage. You shouldn't throw that much text on a homepage. It's tacky, hard to read and turns the reader off.

3. Nothing sticks OUT on the homepage. Everything blends together!

4. The logo? Seriously. I could make that logo in MS Word. BORING!

5. Video coming soon? At least put that blatant statement on another page. It looks so unprofessional.

6. There are so many spelling and grammatical errors, it makes me wince. FIX IT. It looks like an 8th grader put this site together in their off time.

7. For as long as Team Quick waited to launch a website (oh wait, they weren't expecting to do that much work! thought it was 'in the bag', right Grassel?), it sure leaves a LOT to be desired. After this much time, a GREAT website could have gone up...Or did Emily Loehr not know how to put a website together? Seeing as our lovely, current Tech Director doesn't know how to do anything like that...or at least, doesn't perform any 'tech' duties. Hope she never includes that on her's a joke. A paper title. In short, the site leaves much to be desired.

8. Tina's 'message' itself, right on the homepage...It's pathetic! I guess that Centennial mustn't have had any good Englilish (props to Strongbad!) teachers. From the looks of it, she must've had to retake the MN Basic Skills Writing test. Or maybe she just wrote it in her sleep? Ahh, heck. It must be the fault of whoever wrote up the text for the site...they just wrote without thinking, right? Hmm...revise!!

There's more, but I think I've given you enough to work with for now.

So come on, Team Quick!!! You can do so much better!

Let's see what you've got.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Endorsement Update

Tina Quick has received the endorsement of the St. Olaf College Republicans.

What a surprise! Hoplin's alma mater. Yes, the puppeteer is surely having his fun. Who, you ask? Grassel, Hoplin, take your pick. They're all the same.

New blog....MNCR Watch 2005

Check it out. Instead of ripping on Tony Zammit's campaign, this one chronicles the progres of Tina Quick's campaign.....or lack thereof.

Michael P. Davidson for CRNC Chair

Help get Michael Davidson elected CRNC Chair! Sign up for his newsletter: visit Davidson's site,

If you wish to...

  1. Endorse Michael Davidson for CRNC Chair
  2. Volunteer at the CRNC Convention in June
  3. Make phone calls
  4. Host an Event
  5. Become a surrogate speaker in your state

New Endorsements

Update: Michael Davidson has now received endorsements from John T. Plecnik (Executive Editor - The Devil’s Advocate, Featured Columnist-The Conservative Voice, Policy Advisor - Duke College Republicans) and the North Carolina College Republicans.

What's going on?

Why isn't Tina Quick getting a website up, at least? Why the need for an air of mystery?

Or does she think that hiding behind Hoplin's endorsement is going to get her elected?

It's pathetic, really. At least Tony Zammit has a website up. Anyone that wants to find out about him can just hop on there and find out what he's all about.

Tina? Tina WHO? This is what is publicly known about her.

1. She's from Augsburg College in Minneapolis.
2. She's a Freshman there.
3. She's running for State Chair, now that Tyler Sunderman (St. Thomas Chair) has stepped down from his spot on ticket.
4. She plays volleyball for Augsburg.
5. She has received an endorsement from Eric Hoplin, CRNC Chair.
6. She has received an endorsement from St. Olaf, Hoplin's alma mater.

That's about it....

How many people have at least SEEN this girl? What does she look like? Well, for a sub-par photo, click here.

Hurray! She's been exposed! OH NO! Grassel might freak....he's been hiding her in a closet! That MUST be the answer......seeing as she doesn't meet with people outside her campaign really, doesn't launch a website to promote her campaign. What, does she expect a Hoplin endorsement to get her elected?

How about...not.

Or maybe that's just how it works these days. Then again, people like President Bush got (re)elected, even after people like Dan Rather and attempted to undermine his credibility.

This blog entry is quite laughable, by the way. Where was this email sent, by the way? Why couldn't Grassel use State resources to send it to ALL MNCR's? That would make sense, wouldn't it? I mean, there is no listserv set up for her or anything....

The Quick campaign makes me put my head in my hands and shake it sadly.

Tina, if you expect to win this thing, I suggest you do several things:

1. Launch a website. It is easy to see that a website would not only get your message (whatever that is) out, but it would also allow normal CR's, who will be voting at convention, by the way, to find out who the heck you are!

2. Start a listserv of your own. Zammit is LIGHTYEARS ahead of you here. Get a move on it, young lady.

3. Meet with more chapters across the state. Don't just expect them to endorse you because you've been endorsed by Hoplin and St. Olaf.

Come out from the shadows, Tina dear. We want to know just who you want us to vote for on April 16th.

On a related note, Paul Gourley's website hasn't had any updates since March 2nd. Hmm...trouble in paradise?

What's going on around here?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Endorsements as of 3/20/05

Tony Zammit:

Dave Zbaracki, UofM-Duluth CR Chair
Dave Miller, Bethel CR Chair
Christina Wilson, UofM-Duluth CR Executive Director
Chris Wills, St. Olaf Director of Chapter Development

Tina Quick:

Eric Hoplin, CRNC chair

National Chairman Race


Michael P. Davidson, California State Chairman

H. Paul Gourley, Current CRNC Treasurer


North Carolina

Miscellaneous, but noteworthy Davidson Endorsements:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California
Rep. Bill Thomas (R-CA), Chairman, U.S. House Ways & Means Committee
Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), Chairman, Rules Committee
Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), Chairman, Appropriations Committee
Ann Coulter, Author and Political Analyst
Michael Reagan, Author and Talk Show Host
Jordan Sekulow, National Director of Students for Bush
Sarah Floerke, Texas State Chairwoman, CRNC Best State Chair, 2004
Dave Copley, Pennsylvania State Chairman, CRNC Ronald Reagan Activist of the Year, 2004

Proclaimed Gourley States:

South Dakota

Miscellaneous, but noteworthy Gourley Endorsements:

Sen. John Thune (R-SD)
Scott Stewart, former CRNC Chairman


There have been numerous reports that Tony Zammit's website is down. I've accessed it just fine every time.

Something's up.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Endorsement list

As of 3/19/05

Tony Zammit:
Dave Zbaracki, UofM-Duluth CR Chair
Dave Miller, Bethel CR Chair
Christina Wilson, UofM-Duluth CR Executive Director

Tina Quick:
Eric Hoplin, CRNC chair

My, my....

Minnesota seems to be buzzing with rumors of the two announced candidates for CR State Chairman.

Can't wait to see what next week brings...